Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome back!

Everyone's back from Spring Break!  Time to get back to work!  Though coming back to schoolwork, bulletin-board-making and door-dec-making doesn't sound like much fun, I'm very glad to be back.  The last week of Spring Break included a whole lot of sitting around and doing nothing, so it's nice to actually be a bit more busy.
Upon returning, I discovered that I was a receiver of a bulletin board made by Mike Maberry, one of the GC^2 ACCs.  Therefore, my wing now has a new bulletin board entitled "How To Make The Perfect Mix Tape."  Though many people generally make mix CDs today, the board is interesting to read and helpful when you're trying to figure out which songs would make the perfect mix for a friend, or even for yourself!  So thank you Mike for helping to make my wing look awesome!
Additionally, let's not forget that St. Patrick's Day is coming up!  My floor should expect a board about the history of Saint Patrick and why we celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  I've also started making new door decs with a St. Patrick's Day theme!  Pictures to come!!!

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