Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Drama at Financial Aid

Now, I'm sure many people have had to tango with the Financial Aid department at one point or another in college.  Many come out completely stressed and upset because, well, tuition payments are a big deal and Financial Aid can get pretty nasty.  However, this particular story is most tragic.  It occurred yesterday, when I went to Wingate Hall to figure out why my late fee was still on my account.  Supposedly, it had been waived because it was a matter of UMaine waiting on one of my scholarships.  Luckily, my story had a happy ending.  I can't say the same for the guy ahead of me.

As I'm walking to Wingate, I see the aforementioned guy walk through the door.  My initial thought was that I'd have to wait my turn like I usually do.  Wingate's generally a pretty busy place.  But no... I walked through the door and the guy I saw earlier was already being waited on by the girl at the counter.  I came in just in time to hear him thanking the girl for already helping him with his financial aid.
"Oh, that's so nice of you!  What's your name?" she asked.
The two shook hands.  Then Financial-Aid-girl says, "I'm really sorry, but I have a boyfriend."
What?!  Talk about an uncomfortable situation!  I didn't hear this poor guy ask Financial-Aid-girl out, but the look of heartbreak was on his face as he left Wingate Hall.  Meanwhile, Financial-Aid-girl has a huge grin on her face, giggling about how "awkward" that was.

So if you ever have to deal with Financial Aid, here's the moral of the story: Don't fall for the Financial Aid workers.  They're specifically trained to break hearts, regardless of whether they're taking your money or turning you down for a date.

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