Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why I love UMaine!

As many potential college students do in high school, I had to apply to UMaine as my safety school.  It was by no means my first choice.  In fact, it was pretty close to my last choice.  However it was lucky I applied at all because it was one of the three out of eight schools that accepted me.  And thus, here I am!

I became very involved on campus throughout my time at UMaine.  I'm now an RA, a lifeguard at the Rec Center, an editor for Doulos Magazine, and a member of the Honors College.  I realized that even though I thought I wanted a small campus when I was in high school, this big campus feels like a perfect fit.  Now I can't picture myself anywhere else.

This blog is primarily going to be about the excitement that comes with being an RA.  I'll post different activities and interesting things about my experience in this job.  If you're an RA yourself, or if you have some suggestions for fun activities that residents living on campus would enjoy, feel free to share!  I'd love to hear what you have to say!


  1. Very interesting story about how you came to love UMaine. Even though it wasn't your first choice you still came here and made the best out of your experience. This is important as I have friends that didn't really want to come to school here and they ended up coming and being miserable, so you enjoying your experience is great to hear. UMaine was the only school I applied to so I was not surprised or disappointed about coming here, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience as well.

  2. I love your attitude =) Making the best of a situation you're unhappy with isn't always easy. It's great that you have become so involved and happy! I have a friend who is an RA and he complains about it alot, but I think it would be an interesting experience. I'm sure you've seen alot of strange and funny things! You should write a post about the most bizarre thing you've experienced!