Monday, January 31, 2011

Campus living

If you've ever lived on campus, what did you like about it?  How has it impacted your college experience? What is something that you wish your RA did with you?


  1. Indeed I *have* lived on campus :O
    I think it definitely helped in the whole, making friends thing. Because, well, you really don't have a choice. You live with these people. I wish our RAs took us skating! :D Or maybe like, arrange to go to a hockey game together. Cuz that's some fun shiz right thar.

  2. I like living on campus because it's like living with your friends and you always have someone to hang out with or study with... It has really made a difference in the whole "I'm an adult, and don't have pesky parents around, so I need to take responsibility and take charge" makes me feel more grown up in a way. Only downside is, without a job currently here, I have very little money to do things with =[

    Skating would be fun... It would also be pretty cool if sometime our RA's took us rock climbing or snow tubing! Or an adventure off campus somewhere for a weekend or something...

  3. There's skating this week on the Mall! We should all stop by and try it out! Rock climbing is definitely an option too. Maybe some Wednesday? What do you guys think?